Athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by a parasitic fungus. It typically causes itching, flaking and scaling of the skin of the feet.

The fungus can be spread by wet conditions such as sharing showers, wet towels or shoes. Wet conditions such as excessive sweating or occlusive footwear allow the fungus to survive. People who have compromised immunity are more likely to become infected. In severe cases secondary infections by bacteria may occur because of cracks in the skin.

Podiatrists at Orthotika will:

  •  Identify whether the problem is athlete’s foot
  •  Recommend anti-fungal medication to treat the condition
  •  Explain how to prevent the conditions which allow the fungus to thrive
  • Explain what foot hygiene measures are necessary to prevent re-infection
  • Provide UV shoe sanitisation and deodorisation to prevent reinfection from infected shoes.

Click Here to download Orthotika’s information sheet on Athlete’s Foot.