A Biomechanical/orthopaedic assessment involves a complex evaluation of the feet, legs and body position whilst weight-bearing and non- weight bearing.

The biomechanical examination is a critical part of the evaluation for functional foot orthotics. Assessment includes evaluation of: 

  • Muscle strength; 
  • Range-of-motion at important joints; and
  • The angular relationships of the segments of the foot and leg.

The information gained from a biomechanical assessment forms the basis for a rehabilitation programme, or if the problem is mechanical an orthotic prescription. 

The assessment includes a full analysis of gait examining the motion of the whole body during walking. The head, shoulder, back, hip, knee, and foot position all examined both statically and in motion.

Podiatrists at Orthotika may:

  1. Prescribe exercises to stretch or strengthen particular muscles
  2. Advise on pain relieving measures
  3. Provide orthotic therapy including:
  • Temporary orthotics to test a particular prescription.
  • Chairside orthotics
  • Bespoke or prescription orthotics

4. Make a referral to your GP for alternative specialist help.

Click Here to download Orthotika’s information sheet on Biomechanics