Over a long period of time high blood glucose levels can cause damage to your feet and legs. Damage to the nerves is the most likely thing to affect your feet if you have diabetes.

Nerve Damage

This can include:

Damage to circulation

High blood glucose can also damage the circulation. The skin can be hot to touch and appear red. Changes in the blood supply to the skin can result in wounds taking a long time to heal.


Regular checks by a podiatrist can help prevent more serious problems such as foot ulcers developing which may be hard to heal.

Podiatrists at Orthotika will:

Assess whether any of the above changes have taken place.

Advise you on how to care for your feet.

Help you with nail cutting and the removal of callus if this is a problem.

Advise on footwear and hosiery.

Provide suitable orthotics if required (insoles). 

Click Here to download Orthotika’s information sheet on Diabetic Assessment.