Unfortunately many people put up with foot pain everyday believing it to be normal.

Pain is the body’s warning that something is wrong so don’t ignore it. Walking all day on floors with no ‘give’ such as concrete or marble can make things worse, as can wearing shoes that have a poor fit or have too high a heel.


Causes of Footpain

Foot pain has numerous potential causes. These might include:

Problems associated with joints such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and bunions.

Problems with bones such as stress fractures.

Problems in the skin such as verrucas, corns and callus.

Problems in the soft tissues such as tendon and ligament damage.

Problems with circulation.

Biomechanical problems such as excessive pronation.

Problems with the nerves such as neuromas and neuropathic pain.

Problems with nails such as ingrowing toenails


A treatment plan could include;

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Removal of the painful tissue e.g. corn, callus, ingrowing toenail.

Treatment of the painful tissue e.g. verruca.

Footwear advice.

Stretching exercises

Orthotic therapy.

Recommendation for specialist referral.

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