A Morton’s neuroma is a benign growth outside the nerve that lies between the base 

of the 3rd and the 4th toe. It can cause a sharp pain on weight bearing and is often 

described as feeling like there is a pebble in the shoe.

Treatments available:

Podiatrists at Orthotika will carry out an assessment to confirm whether or not you 

have a Morton’s neuroma. The podiatrist may:

(i) Provide a custom made wedge that fits between the toes and relieves 

the pressure on the neuroma.

(ii) Provide a custom made temporary orthtotic designed to offload the 

neuroma and reduce any excessive pronation.

(iii) In resistant cases a GP referral may be made for further assessment by 

imaging , injection and/or surgery. 

Click Here to download Orthotika’s information sheet on Morton’s neuroma.